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You can’t pay a visit to the Causeway Coast without visiting Morellis.

When you see the name, your mind surely thinks of Ice-cream!  

Well, you would be correct.

The Morelli family has been selling ice cream here in Ireland for over 100 years.  The family came first from Italy to Southern Ireland.  A young Angelo Morelli moved to Portstewart to help family set up and run the “Ice Palace” on the Promenade in Portstewart. Eventually Angelo took the business over and created Morelli’s Sundae Garden in 1957.

Angelo and his wife Anastasia had worked long and hard through some very tricky times including the Second World War, but the business continued to grow.

Angelo and Anastasia had three sons. Guido, Nino and Korado.  Eventually the sons opened up shops of their own.  Nino in Coleraine, Korado in Portrush and Guido opened the Lido Café in Portstewart (next to the Sundae Garden) with his stunning wife Rosemary.  Krissi and everyone in her family at one time or another worked for Guido and Rosemary Morelli.

The next generation has continued in the business and Morelli’s Ice Cream continues to be synonymous with Portstewart.  

Perhaps the biggest change came in 2002, when the original building was demolished to allow for a brand new cafe/restaurant, gift shop and apartment block.

The Multi Award Winners have a host of different Ice cream flavours for you to try. The only problem is…which one?

Hidden secret:  once you have left Morelli’s walk across the road and walk to where you see O’Hara’s Castle (now a School) on the hill.  Walk up the steps there and walk around the cliff path for stunning views of the sea and County Donegal.  Once you come down the steps at the end of the Cliff Walk, go past Port-na-happle House on your right and keep walking until the path starts to gently rise past the “Green apartments” and lo and behold, you see the Strand/beach rolling out before you for 2 miles.  We hope you have a camera!   

It’s Krissi’s favourite view in the whole world………..