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Our Journey

I have wanted to have a Bed & Breakfast since I was 12 years old.

When I was around 8 or 9, I had a dolls house and I used to pretend that it was my hotel. I would ask my parents to buy me more furniture for my house (for birthdays and Christmas) so that I would have enough beds ‘in my hotel’ for all my guests!

Well, I grew up and LIFE CHANGED SOMEWHAT! I had my career in England in Radio. I was a Broadcaster for several years on commercial Radio Stations all over the Midlands and spent my last thirteen years at the BBC in Shropshire before I retired. However, it’s not a career that you can leave behind really (It’s in our blood – lol), so I still volunteer on two Internet Radio Stations** but I always had this idea deep down inside me – nagging me to come home to Northern Ireland and set up my own B&B.

Luckily I met and married a guy who has always supported my crazy whacky ideas over the years and there have BEEN some, I can tell you! Chris and I have been married for 20 years.

However, even though Chris is from the Cotswolds in England (Bourton-on-the-Water), he liked the idea of moving here for the laid back way of life, the people, the incredible food, much less traffic and the stunning beaches.

And so that’s what we did. I didn’t think I would have to wait until I was 65 to open my B&B, but I did and I’m glad I did. Much better than lying on my death bed and thinking “I wish I had”……..We bought this house in the Spring of 2019 and gave it a complete make-over. (See our other blog “Our House). Since then we have been welcoming guests from all over the world and have return visitors too which is lovely.

Hobbies are (for me) music, theatre, cooking and entertaining. Chris was a ‘serious’ walker when he was younger having completed many long walks – and climbs – in the UK and also tackled a six week hike across Victoria in Australia. He loves Military History, particularly the First World War and he is a Railway Modeller.  He too loves cooking and entertaining.

** The two Internet Stations I have programmes on are:


This is a station that plays music from the 60’s, 70’s and some 80’s and, as we are all volunteers, we don’t get paid, which means we don’t have to have commercials……YEAY!  We have been running for 7 years


This is a Station, like ‘GEM’ doesn’t have commercials and plays the music from (mostly) the 1940’s and 50’s and the ‘easier’ side of the 60’s and that includes the great Songwriters like George & Ira Gershwyn, Irving Berlin and Cole Porter, plus the great Crooners like Sinatra, Dean, Bing, We also have more from the great ladies – Ella Fitzgerald, Kaye Starr, Petula Clark, Dinah Shore, Dusty Springfield to name a few.

Wherever you have the internet, you will be able to listen to these Stations, so on your Laptop, I-Pad, Tablet, Phone or Smart speaker. ENJOY!